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funmoods Animations and Free Emoticons for Emails
Love funmoods smileys and winks? Now you can send your favorite animations and free emoticons from any web email service such as Gmail , YahooMail and others…

When writing an email, you can easily insert any free emoticon or animation by clicking on the Smileys for emails button Smileys for Emails button.
funmoods toolbar

Then, simply choose from the funmoods interface.

funmoods Smileys for emails

And add the smiley or wink to your mail. Yes… it's that easy.
Plus, you can add the free emoticons and smileys to any blog post or forum post in the same simple way.


To get free emoticons and smileys for you emails all you need to do is get the funmoods add-on.
Click here to get all the amazing smileys and animations in less than 60 seconds.

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