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Funmoods is happily delivered to you by InstallCore

Every day, millions of people use funmoods' emoticons, animations and smileys when they chat with friends, send emails, post comments in forums or blogs and interact on social networks. They can convey exactly what they are feeling and want their recipient to know or upgrade any conversation into a snazzy assertion of individuality. After all, settling for text-only conversations in the 21st century is just so limited.

All these activities, across so many websites and email services, are made possible thanks to the technological innovation provided to funmoods by installCore. In the following paragraphs we'll try to explain how.


What is InstallCore?
You may have noticed how, in order to install funmoods, you have to click on the big green download button on the main page. Seconds later, you get access to the thousands of silly, wacky and engaging emoticons, winks and animations we have to offer and you love to use. But in order to ensure that you get the best possible experience using funmoods, we make sure that you not only download it, but actually go through the most secure, reliable download and installation method possible. How do we do it? By using installCore's services.

installCore is the installer program that delivers funmoods' rich and dynamic content to you, the user, as well as the cross-platform web capabilities that give you the ability to add a smiley, winky face or any other emoticon almost wherever you please. In fact, this is all done with just one easy click. From the games included on the funmoods toolbar to the animations available in Facebook Messenger, installCore strives to make sure that all of the funmoods content - animations, gestures, smileys, icons, etc. - is downloaded to your computer swiftly, efficiently and - most importantly - safely.

As an active web surfer, especially if you are a young one, you already know how the Internet is filled with an endless amount of web-based applications, such as games, productivity software for the ongoing performance of your computer and so much more. All these come to answer needs that may arise in relation to work, study and even play. installCore is there to make sure that you are able to access them swiftly and securely, without compromising the well being of your computer or your systems.


What is the Branded Installer?
We know that sometimes you are tempted to click a link in order to download an enticing piece of software, even something forwarded by a friend. You may have already done this once, and perhaps you were rewarded with an infiltration of malware. That is why using installCore makes such mishaps a thing of the past. installCore provides a branded installer, allowing trusted brands to give their users the indication that the download process is done within their brand. This vote of confidence is what makes users install more and more pieces of software using installCore - because they know the source of the download is trusted.

installCore combines technical skills and design expertise to create a seamless and effective installer whose sole objective is to deliver the best web-based applications offered online to you. installCore delivers over 10,000 different software applications (including funmoods of course!) to millions of people across the globe. All of those download and install some of the best apps and services around, quickly and securely.


Our record speaks for itself
installCore is not merely an installer, it actually includes an accelerator. That means that the installation process is taking much less time than other installers out there, anywhere between 25% and a whooping 45% less time. This is done by using high end compression solution for the downloaded data, as well as various other cutting edge technologies. The result is having the download and installation process concluded in a swift, user-friendly manner, thus ensuring the fastest possible process with the highest success rate. Speedy delivery never sounded this good!

Over the years, installCore improved its performance and established partnerships with the best software companies out there, from Google to Microsoft. This means people like you can enjoy the applications you desire. Recently, installCore broke its own daily download record, and today over seven million applications are installed every day using the installCore platform, with an impressive 210 million installs performed each month.

Second to None
By offering the best download and installation experience on the web, installCore is the only natural choice for us to deliver funmoods to you. Enjoy the swift download speeds, customizable installation processes and safe use of funmoods that no other installer software could provide. We choose to use installCore in order to provide you with the best possible experience using funmoods from the moment you click the download button until the time you're engaging your friends and family with our thousands of emoticons and cool animations.

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