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Funmoods is a featured app on MySearchDial!

We are very happy to announce that Funmoods is one of the featured apps on MySearchDial, the tab browser extension that was downloaded over 500,000 times from the Chrome App Store. You can access Funmoods by clicking on the "Application" menu at the MySearchDial search page, and start using it instantly.

Of course, it is already known that Funmoods’ animations and emoticons are utilized by millions of users daily. They use it in chats, forums, blogs and emails, to convey their mood, express their feelings or let their personality show. They can use it privately, in a one-on-ne conversation, or shout it out to the world as a post on their Facebook status. Now, Funmoods' exposure will be highly increased thanks to My Search Dial's spotlight on it as a featured app.

Funmoods and MySearchDial both strive to enhance and improve time spent online, by making browsing and interacting more friendly and accessible for everyone. Just like Funmoods offers funny, sunny, happy smileys and custom animations to brighten your day, express yourself and show your personality, so does My Search Dial let your true self shine out, thanks to its highly customizable homepage and dial setup.

You can decide how many dials to feature on the page and adjust their size, color and texture. If that's not enough, you can upload your own image to the background, so that you'll be greeted with a picture of your cute sleeping pet each time you click on the "New tab" button.

MySearchDial is based on unique technologies of search enhancements, and combines a search tool – with immediate shortcuts to the most popular sites on the web – with browse capabilities and dynamic bookmarking.

MySearchDial offers a quick launch of chatting and messaging on social networks. So the next time you launch Facebook Messenger, to show off the latest cool Funmoods animation or texitcon, be sure to do it through My Search Dial.

MySearchDial also offers a complete array of fun, free, full version games, divided into puzzles, hidden objects, time management games, girls' games and card games. And if you get lost in the maze of dozens of great games, "Recommended Games" will point you to the right direction.

So dial your way into Funmoods, using MySearchDial.

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